Definitions for "Oneness"
The state of being one; singleness in number; individuality; unity.
In reference to God, oneness means the state of being absolutely and indivisibly one, or one in numerical value. Also, there can be oneness between God and man and between man and man in the sense of unity of mind, will, and purpose. This book uses the term Oneness (capitalized) to mean the doctrine that God is absolutely one in numerical value, that Jesus is the one God, and that God is not a plurality of persons. Thus Oneness is a modern term basically equivalent to modalism or modalistic monarchianism
knowledge: the reality of God and Christ, Whose perfect unity constitutes Heaven. perception: reflected in the world through forgiveness, the undoing of our belief in separate interests; our joining together with others, through the undoing of our thoughts of specialness, is simply the acceptance of our inherent oneness as God's Son; sharing this purpose of forgiveness is our one and only function, reflecting our function of creating in Heaven. see: One-mindedness
That attribute of a being in virtue of which it is undivided in itself (and divided from every other being).
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the quality of being united into one