Definitions for "Oddities"
Keywords:  golga, wwf, freakish, kurrgan, jackyl
The Oddities were a professional wrestling stable in the WWF. The Jackyl formed the group in 1998 and called them "The Parade of Human Oddities." The group consisted of "freakish" wrestlers, including the masked Golga (whose mask had stubby 'horns' on top, thus making him look deformed), the towering Kurrgan and Giant Silva, and Howard Stern Show regular Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf.
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Oddities is a compilation album by American goth rock band London After Midnight. It features unreleased tracks and live acoustic songs recorded while touring to promote Psycho Magnet. It was released in 1998 by Trisol Records, and has been the band's last studio album in 9 years, although a new song appeared on the soundtrack for Saw II and an new album is set for a 2007 release, as stated by Sean Brennan.
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the "O" in "EFO" (errors, freaks and oddities). It refers to stamps that have unusual variations, such as unlisted design errors, gum varieties, shade differences, early issue, postmark errors, etc.