Definitions for "octavia "
sister of Octavian; she married Mark Antony in 40 BCE but they divorced in 32; she died in 11 BCE.
Octavia, a play in Latin traditionally attributed to Seneca the Younger, focuses on three days in AD 62, during which Nero divorced and exiled one wife (Claudia Octavia) and married another (Poppaea Sabina). Ferri argues that the play was actually written later in the 1st century, after the deaths of Nero and Seneca, and that it would be almost inconceivable that Seneca would have written such a dangerous play.
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The Roman Unrest, or The Noble-Minded Octavia (German:DIE RÖMISCHE UNRUHE oder DIE EDELMÜTIGE OCTAVIA), commonly called Octavia. Three part tragic opera by Reinhard Keiser, libretto by Barthold.
a village in the northeastern part of Bulter county, on the F
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a weird beast, sort of a ring modulator set to one octave up, somewhat metallic sounding
Octavia is a fictional character in the animated television series She-Ra: Princess of Power.
octavia is a compiler for a music description language that compiles to MIDI data. octavia music source files can also use Python code to perform generic programming tasks that a composer might wish to accomplish.