Definitions for "Notifier"
The Notifier project is initially built so that it helps my company in managing messages to all staff in a nice manner. The main and most important message is the prayer times message so that we can catch our prayers. On the other hand, it c
an optional DLL, entirely separate from a conduit, that you can implement to pass messages from HotSync Manager to your desktop application
an optional DLL that developers can implement to notify their desktop applications about synchronization activities
Notifier or Notifier Fire Control Systems is a company that manufactures fire alarm equipment. It is located in Northford, Connecticut and is a division of the Honeywell company. Notifier has been producing fire alarm equipment for over 50 years.
A Symbian OS service that provides UI output for a client thread.
a user agent which generates NOTIFY requests for the purpose of notifying subscribers of the state of a resource
A form that appears when the system requires you to confirm an operation that you just requested, or when an error occurs.
An object that issues a notification to other objects of its change of state. A notifier manages a list of observers, defines a list of supported notification events, and notifies registered observers when a relevant event occurs. Contrast with observer.
a notify event with the same parameters as the schedule event that schedules it