Definitions for "No Claims Bonus"
Keywords:  ncb, bonus, discount, reward, claim
A discount allowed from a renewal premium in consideration of there having been no claim paid or payable in the previous year of insurance. The use of no-claim discounts is widespread in U.K. motor insurance. Most are granted on a scale that rises with the number of consecutive claim-free years. A no claims bonus is a discount that is applied at renewal of a policy to lessen the premium. A no claims bonus is awarded if there have been no claims made in a full year. For example: if you are a motorist and you have not had any accidents for 3 years then you will receive a no claims bonus of 3 years.
This is a percentage discount given to a driver on their original premium if they fail to make any claim during a set period (typically 10 or 12 months).
this refers to the discount the consumer has earned on a previous insurance policy. Discount is allocated according to the number of claim-free years that the driver has had. You will be asked about this when you take up a new UK car insurance policy and will need proof for your new insurer.