Definitions for "NLA"
Newly Legalized Alien. Refer to NLA for definition. See: Citizenship / Alien Status
Newly Legalized Alien. An alien granted legalized status by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) under the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). Includes: Special Agricultural Workers (SAWs), Replenishment Agricultural Workers (RAWs), Aliens who have resided continuously in the US since on or before 01-01-82, and Cuban / Haitian Entrants. See: Citizenship / Alien Status
No Longer Available. Used to designate machines or images that have been removed from their known location. Die status is unkown and occaisonally NLAs become CAs (Currently Avilable) again in the future.
Net Lettable Area. The floor area of the building for which rentals can be charged.
Net Lettable Area. Used to refer to tenancy areas in office buildings, and office and business parks. Can apply to whole or part of building.
Net Leasable Area. Floor space in a building that is actually under lease and able to be rented to tenants. None leasable space would be hallways, building foyers, areas devoted to utilities, elevators, etc.
National Laboratory Accreditation Service, South Africa
National Litigation Academy, an Alliance Defense Fund ministry
National Library of Australia