Definitions for "NIE"
Nú mero de Identificació n de Equipo
Nú mero de Identificació n del Equipo
This is an abbreviation for the Spanish words "Numero de Identificación de Extranjero and is the equivalent of a National Insurance number. Essentially an reference number that identifys you to the Spanish tax system. It's required for when making large transactions in Spain such as purchasing property. Click here for details on how you would go about getting an NIE.
newly industrializing economy
Northern Ireland Electricity. This company is the only Public Electricity Supplier created by legislation following the privatisation of Northern Ireland’s electricity industry. It operates electricity distribution and transmission systems (low and high voltage) in the country. It also is the only First Tier Supplier in the country.
Newly Industrialized Economy. A developing economy that has reached a relatively advanced stage of economic growth and have experienced rapid growth of GDP, industrial production, and exports in recent years. The term was first applied to Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan, but it is often extended to other countries. Also known as NIC (Newly Industrialized Countries.)
Negociado de Investigaciones Especiales
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Newspapers in Education. Program that brings papers into the classroom.
National Institute of Education
The New Institutional Economics: a field of study, so named by Oliver Williamson, that studies institutional arrangements (and sometimes the broader institutional environment) using techniques such as transaction cost analysis, methodological individualism and bounded rational choice models.
Martinsite crystals formed during the heating and quenching process. Nie are crystals which are large enough to be viewed as individual particles.
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Bright points of martensite
Identification number issued to all foreigners.
ID number for non- residents
Tax identification number for non-residents.
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small spots of high carbon steel present just above the hamon
National Intelligence Estimate