Definitions for "Neurohormone"
One of several chemicals blurring the distinction between neurotransmitters produced by neuron cells and hormones produced by endocrine cells. The central nervous system and the endocrine system are intimately interconnected. For example, the nervous system can stimulate the adrenal glands of the endocrine system to produce the hormone adrenaline, but some nerve cells can also secrete neurohormones that act much like adrenaline. One can think of the nervous system as a rapid-acting electrical system and the endocrine system as a slower-acting chemical system, the two systems being complementary to, rather than independent of, each other. See text, Chapter 4. See also, "hormone," "melatonin," "neurotransmitter," "pineal gland" and "serotonin."
any of a group of substances produced by specialized cells (neurosecretory cells) structurally typical of the nervous (rather than of the endocrine) system, but that serve as a link between the two systems
a hormone produced by the brain.