Definitions for "Netfind"
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Online America's search engine.
a network search tool that allows you to track down user information.
A older method of searching for e-mail addresses using Telnet. Guy found Louise's e-mail address by at San Jose State University (through Telnet) by entering the URL: telnet:// into his web browser. This automatically launched his Telnet client program and he typed netfind to log-in. Unfortunately, the system couldn't locate her e-mail address when he typed Louise's last name into the search screen. Ann found some tips on using Netfind on a web page at Queens University. By clicking on the appropriate link, she reached a Gopher site at Internic to perform her search.
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Netfind is a tool to help find people and institutions on the Internet. Because the Internet is so vast and in constant flux, it is often difficult to find specific individuals even with the netfind service.
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A service that enables you to look up an Internet user's address.