Definitions for "NCAA"
National Collegiate Association of Athletics- the governing body of all four-year collegiate athletic programs.
National Collegiate Athletic Association.
a voluntary association of over 1,200 colleges and universities in the U.S. whose role is to establish standards and protect the integrity of amateurism for student-athletes.
Abbreviation for ational ollegiate thletic ssociation.
National Clinical Assessment Authority. Set up in April 2001, this national body provides a central point of contact for the NHS when concerns about a doctor's performance are raised. The authority will give advice to NHS hospitals and strategic health authorities to make sure the performance of doctors is checked and action taken to ensure doctors are practising safely. A report entitled Assuring the Quality of Medical Practice is available on the Internet giving details of the authority and other measures being taken to protect patients and support doctors.
Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority