Definitions for "Natasha"
Keywords:  macaques, aviv, zoo, safari, flu
Natasha is a black macaque at the Safari Park zoo near Tel Aviv, Israel. She has become well known because, unlike other macaques who moved by alternating between walking upright and on all four limbs, Natasha has walked upright all the time, since suffering from a stomach flu that almost killed her.
Keywords:  ingrid, muppets, humphrey, sesame, baby
Natasha is the baby of Muppets Ingrid and Humphrey on Sesame Street.
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Rhapsodie variety. Medium, standard African Violet (4-inch pot size) with single, bi-color flowers. Flowers are dark burgundy with a white edge. Leaves are medium green. Introduced 1995. (AVSA Reg. No. 8349) More information.
a sweet girl who was abandoned along with Nicholas when their owners moved out and left them behind