Definitions for "Nape"
Keywords:  hindneck, occiput, dorsal, neck, nuchal
The back part of the neck.
Back of neck between crown and mantle
Essentially, the nape is the base of the neck. Its use is significant primarily because of the need to define the end of the "head", or to point out where the back of a crown or eyestripe ends. Birds such as White-Throated Sparrows and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers have napes colored or stiped differently.
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thin rope plaited from coconut-fibre Also, name of a fish
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"Naked ape," a Human.
National Association for Primary Education
A partnership which promotes the education of children from birth to 13 years old. Membership covers some 200,000+ people, including parents, teachers, school governors, inspectors, education officers and entire school communities.
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Means to coate with a sauce.