Definitions for "Nagual"
Refers to Spirit, God, or the Infinite. It is the immensity of the unknowable, what can never be described. It can also refer to the Nagual, or leader, of a Toltec party of Warriors.
The Spanish-language word nagual derives from the Nahuatl nahualli , a term that itself has several meanings, namely: one facile with words, witch, shapeshifter, and animal co-essence. The last is a name for an entity, to which refers a widespread and ancient Mesoamerican belief that one part of the souls of humans (or human-like figures, such as gods), manifests itself as a sort of animal (or phenomenon, such as lightning) of a spiritual character. The Mayan term is way.
Concerning the inner arts, a word which connotes everything that is awesome, uncontrollable, powerful and inconceivable. That side of the inner nature that is beyond all understanding. Cannot be grasped by the mind.