Definitions for "MVA"
MVA was developed to be a safe smallpox vaccine by further attenuating the standard smallpox vaccine during serial passage in chicken embryos. The MVA component of the GeoVax vaccine is used to deliver genes expressing non-infectious forms of the three major proteins of HIV: Gag, Pol, and Env. This vaccine has been used as a single component vaccine with MVA priming and boosting, or as a two component vaccine with DNA priming and MVA boosting, to protect monkeys against AIDS. The GeoVax MVA vaccine also protects monkeys against smallpox (monkeypox). Thus, it could be a dual-purpose vaccine for both HIV and smallpox. MVA has been used safely in over 120,000 humans including immunocompromised individuals .
an attenuated (non-pathogenic) strain of vaccinia (pox) virus, incapable of replication in human. MVA was administered to more than 120,000 individuals towards the end of the smallpox eradication campaign without any significant adverse effects.
Means megavolt-ampere.
The flow of 'active' power is measured in MegaWatts (MW). When compounded with the flow of 'reactive' power, which is measured in Mvar, the resultant is measured in Megavolt­amperes (MVA).
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multivariate analyis
otor ehicle ccident. The Thruway Authority and some other PDs refer to an MVA as a "rollover", even though the vehicle(s) involved may not have actually overturned.
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motor Vehicle Accident
Automatic passenger ticket sales machine where the Andante passenger ticket can be purchased, available in all stations and aboveground stops on the Metro do Porto network.
market value added. The difference between the market value of the company and the adjusted book values of its assets.
Market Value Adjustment. With an MVA, the surrender value of a contract may increase or decrease depending on changes in the U.S. Treasury rates. The adjustment applies to amounts received upon a partial or full surrender, if made during the surrender charge period. It also applies if the policy is annuitized during the surrender charge period regardless of whether or not the surrender charges are waived under certain provisions. The adjustment does not apply when funds are withdrawn under the 10% free withdrawal provision.
Market Value Added. The difference between the market value of equity and the amount of equity capital that investors supplied.
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Manual Vacuum Aspiration
Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment. Common wide viewing angle enhancement. Rather than rubbing to form alignment layer uses protrusions patterned onto the CF
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Minimum Vectoring Altitude
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs