Definitions for "Mutants"
Mutants have evolved from normal Humans by way of the alien Contamination. They relish the converted alien ecology and use the Contamination greatly with whatever they require - including generating their phaseform techniques. Mutants are invigorated with religious zeal, treating the other races as heretics. Races There are three player races: Humans, Mutants and Biomeks. Each race has its own unique set of skills, abilities and missions to undertake in the Auto Assault universe.
A race formed as a result of the genetic mutations in humans due to the radiation from the Contamination.
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Mutants or Hill People are the fictional villains in The Hills Have Eyes film series. In the original series, they were not mutants. The remake has them as mutants, who were created when a group of miners and their families from a small mining community refused to leave their desert town in New Mexico, when the US Government wanted to test nuclear bombs on the surrounding land.
"Mutants" is the second episode of series one of The Mighty Boosh.