Definitions for "Multigraph"
Informally, a multigraph is a graph with multiple edges between the same vertices. Formally: a multigraph is a set V of vertices along, a set E of edges, and a function from E to {{ u,v}| u,v in V; u,v distinct}. (The function shows which vertices are connected by which edge.) The edges and are called parallel or multiple edges if ()=(). See also graph and pseudograph.
A multigraph is a graph in which there are multiple edges connecting the same pair of vertices. If an edge connects a vertex to itself, then that edge forms a loop. A Multigraph
a graph where multiple edges may exist between the same pair of
A combined rotary type-setting and printing machine for office use. The type is transferred semi-automatically by means of keys from a type-supply drum to a printing drum. The printing may be done by means of an inked ribbon to print "typewritten" letters, or directly from inked type or a stereotype plate, as in a printing press.
print on a Multigraph machine
Agam "kinetic" technique using one single print formed of two elements: background image and slotted, sliding grid. Different compositions are created as the viewer moves the grid. There are a great variety of images available depending on the grid's position.
a combination of two or more written symbols or orthographic characters (e.g. letters) that are used together within an orthography to represent a single sound. (Combinations consisting of two characters are also known as digraphs.)