Definitions for "Mucin"
Any of a class of high molecular weight glycoproteins which are contained in mucus, and give to the latter secretion its peculiar ropy character. They are found in all the secretions from mucous glands, and also between the fibers of connective tissue, as in tendons. They form viscous solutions and serve to provide lubrication for movement within body cavities, and some protection of surfaces. See Illust. of Demilune.
a protein found in mucus
the main part of mucus that protects body surfaces from rubbing or wearing down
A protein in saliva that combines with sugars in the mouth to form plaque.
protein found in the saliva that mixes with sugars to form bacterial plaque
Mucins are a family of large, heavily glycosylated proteins. Although some mucins are membrane-bound due to the presence of a hydrophobic membrane-spanning domain that favors retention in the plasma membrane, the concentration here is on those mucins that are secreted on mucosal surfaces and saliva.
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See Mucedin.
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Used to describe a wispy and poorly cellular substance which is present both within the connective tissue and also produced by some gland forming cancers.