Definitions for "MRT"
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Advanced. multi-threaded routing software with support for IPv4/IPv6 BGP, DVMRP, RIP/RIPng, PIM-DM, and OSPF. Includes CISCO configuration interface and data collection/processing and routing simulation utilities.
(Multi-Radar Tracker) Amalgamates the data from several radars (radar chain) to provide aircraft positions as accurately as possible on the radar screens of air traffic controllers.
moral reconation therapy. A cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach aimed at systematically altering an individual's reasoning abilities in order to foster social and moral growth and assist in decisionmaking. MRT is used system-wide in the states of Washington and Oklahoma, and in Oregon's Washington County.
Modified Rhyme Test. A word list for statistical intelligibility testing. The modified Rhyme Test uses 50 six-word lists of rhyming or similar-sounding monosyllabic English words, as shown here. Each word is constructed from a consonant-vowel-consonant sound sequence, and the six words in each list differ only in the initial or final consonant sound. Listeners are shown a six-word list and then asked to identify which of the six is spoken by the talker. A carrier sentence is usually used. MRT test results indicate errors in discrimination of both initial and final consonant sounds. Listener responses can be scored as (1) the number of words heard correctly; (2) the number of words heard incorrectly; or (3) the frequency of particular confusions of consonant sounds. Return to
Mass Riot in Transport, a fast train system that reaches most parts of the country. It has the ability to bring out the worst parts of the passengers, like seat-snatching and door-blocking etc.
Management Review Team. A team designated to carry out a management review.
Migration Review Tribunal
Mountain Rescue Team
Myofascial Release Treatment. 1) direct MRT: a restrictive barrier is engaged for the myofascial tissues; the tissue is loaded with a constant force until tissue release occurs; 2) indirect MRT. the dysfunctional tissues are guided along a path of least resistance until free movement is achieved
Mineral Resources Tasmania, Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources
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Mortality Recovery
Mean Radiant Temperature. The average temperature of all the surfaces to which a person is exposed, exchanging infrared radiation.
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Ministers Responsible for Trade
Marginal rate of transformation.