Definitions for "MPAA"
Motion Picture Association of America, the voice and advocate of the American motion picture industry.
An organization, primarily of executives of the major movie making houses, which sets policies and standards for movies, including for movies' distribution and broadcast. MPAA also developed the audience suitability ratings: G (general) for all ages, PG for all ages but with parental guidance suggested for minors, PG-[13] for parental guidance for viewers under the specified age [e.g. 13], R (restricted) for theaters to not admit minors not accompanied by an adult, X for theaters to not admit minors at all.
Acronym for Motion Picture Association of America. MPAA is the film industry group that determines suitable ratings for individual movies. With multi-story capability, DVD players may have the ability to select and black out undesired material. For example: Parents can view the "R" version of a movie and select a "PG" version for their children.