Definitions for "MovieStocks"
MovieStocks represent films traded on the Movie Market. These can be films that are both in the process of being made and that are currently in theaters. The price of a MovieStock reflects how much money traders think the film will make domestically in its first four weeks of wide release at the box office. This gives you the chance to play your predictions on new movies. For example, if a MovieStock is priced at H$80, it means that traders expect the film to make $80 million in its first four weeks of wide release. After opening weekend of wide release, a MovieStock will Adjust in price to reflect the actual box-office gross versus what was expected. MovieStocks come in five distinct stages: concept, development, production, wrap, and release. MovieStocks are cashed out and removed from the Exchange. If a film does not go wide, a MovieStock is priced at its first twelve weeks of limited release. If you own a MovieStock that is worth H$80 at the time it cashes out, your portfolio will be credited that same amount in cash.