Definitions for "Moore"
Irish poet who wrote nostalgic and patriotic verse (1779-1852)
United States poet noted for irony and wit (1887-1872)
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English actor and comedian who appeared on television and in films (born in 1935)
English philosopher (1873-1958)
The name Moore is used as a surname in many English-speaking countries. It can have several meanings as it was developed as a surname before most people knew how to write resulting in a wide variety of spellings, each descending from either different spellings of the same meaning or different meanings spelt the same way. This results in difficulty for people tracing their Ancestors as differences in spelling may mean an entirely different group of Moores or simply spelling improvisation on the part of the person writing the Birth certificate.
Moore is a lunar impact crater that is located on the far side of the Moon. Like much of the far side, Moore is located in a region that has been saturated by impacts. Nearby features of note are Larmor crater to the south-southwest, and Parsons crater about the same distance to the west.
United States composer of works noted for their use of the American vernacular (1893-1969)
British sculptor whose works are monumental organic forms (1898-1986)
an attorney who consults on employment law issues , conducts investigations into alleged harassment and misconduct, drafts policies , procedures and handbooks , and otherwise works with clients on harassment , discrimination , and diversity issues
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To secure a vessel with lines or an anchor so it does not drift away.