Definitions for "Mister"
Mr. When this term was used in the Almanacs or Parish Registers prior to about 1840, it usually inferred that the person did not own a large property. The person may have been a shopkeeper, schoolmaster, craftsman, or someone who was treated with a certain amount of respect, but whose name would not be followed by the term ' Esquire.'
In early times, a title of respect given only to those who held important civil office or who were of gentle blood.
Minimum Interoperability Specifications for Tolling on European Roads. MISTER groups a team of experts on satellite navigation and cellular network-based electronic fee collection within the framework of a contract with the European Commission, DG TREN. The main objective is to prepare a complete draft of the ISO 17575 technical specification on the "Application Interface Definition for Electronic Fee Collection (EFC) based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Cellular Networks (GNSS/CN)". Its goal is to complement the ISO 17575 draft in order to set up a pan-European EFC service based on GNSS/CN.
a small-hosed attachment for your regular garden hose
A device, usually hooked to a garden hose, by which a fine mist is sprayed to provide hummingbird with water for drinking and bathing.
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Need; necessity.
A title of courtesy prefixed to the name of a man or youth. It is usually written in the abbreviated form Mr.
a device that delivers fog-like droplets of water often for cooling purposes.
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To address or mention by the title Mr.; as, he mistered me in a formal way.
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Manner; kind; sort.
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A trade, art, or occupation.
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To be needful or of use.
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a form of address for a man