Definitions for "Misc"
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Pinyin Translation (en) ji ben gong Basics kuai Fast man Slow gao High ya tui Stretching
other things that people do in the gaming industry- beta tester: tries to find bugs and bad gameplay. sysadmin: takes care of network. producer: creates design documents, coordinates and manages the development team. writer: writes scripts for cut-scenes, manuals or design documents.
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Miscellaneous remarks
anything else
Whatever doesn't fit into the other categories. .
Anything (other than a document) not in another category, perhaps because it falls into mulitple categories, such as a tool suite. Examples
The Multiple Input Signature Calculator. eTPU_C calculates the appropriate signature value and makes it available to host interface files with the ::ETPUmisc host interface macro.
Miscellaneous topics
A type of newsgroup that discusses topics that don't fit under any of the other newsgroups types.
Missile and Space Intelligence Center
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referring to a stem (_Miscanthus_ = "stem flower")
Miscellaneous I.Ps.