Definitions for "Mirabilis"
A genus of plants. See Four-o'clock.
four o'clocks
Mirabilis is a genus in the family Nyctaginaceae, perhaps the best know genus in the family. Its most famous species is Mirabilis jalapa, the Four-o'clock flower. Also see Mirabilis longiflora.
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Mirabilis is a neo-classical/ethereal musical project formed in 2001 by Dru Allen of This Ascension and Summer Bowman of the Machine in the Garden. Mirabilis uses vocals as the primary instrumentation, crafting original musical compositions and interpreting traditional classical vocal pieces from a number of different periods. The music is melodic and borrows from classical, ethereal, darkwave, and gothic genres.
Mirabilis is the fifth album by British vocal group .
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Glauber's salt. ...