Definitions for "Minutemen"
Colonial men who held regular jobs, but were ready to "fight in a minute".
The Minutemen were special companies of militia formed in Massachusetts and elsewhere beginning in late 1744. These units were composed of men who were to be ready to assemble with their arms at a minute's notice.
Minutemen is a name given to members of the militia of the American Colonies, who vowed to be ready for battle in a minute's notice.
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The Minutemen were an American rock band from San Pedro, California comprising singer/guitarist D. Boon, singer/bassist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley.
The Minutemen were a militant anti-Communist organization formed in the early 1960's. The founder and head of the right-wing group was Robert Bolivar De Pugh a chemist from Norborne, Missouri. The Minutemen believed Communism would soon take over all of America.