Definitions for "Milieu"
Used by economic geographers in a variety of contexts to refer to the particular local or regional business or entrepreneurial climate or innovate atmosphere. "The milieu is essentially a context for development, which empowers and guides innovative agents to be able to innovate and coordinate with other innovative agents. The milieu is something like a territorial version of what (...) Gronnavetter labelled the 'embeddedness' of social and economic processes." [M.Storper "The Resurgence of Regional Economies, Ten Years Later" in: European Urban and Regional Studies, 1995
Milieu is the essence of the current dream. It is the self-referential dream object. A thought may use milieu to make reference to the dream in which it is being pondered. If such a thought is pondered in several different dreams, milieu will always provide the essence of the current dream in which the thought is being pondered.
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