Definitions for "Mentors"
Adults who contract to work with a specific child at least once a week for the school year. Mentors read to and with the child, help him/her with school work, coach the child in the classroom, listen to the child, share with the child, etc.
Very few careers or career transitions occur without worthy role models, coaches, guides, or mentors, who provide access to appropriate up-to-date job market information. Having a worthy mentor enhances a junior persons knowledge of how to navigate effectively in the professional world of new colleagues and contacts. Mentors provide sponsorship or reflected power from the senior to the junior person. Research shows that a substantial majority of successful job/career changers obtained their employment through personal approaches or introductions to solicitation to people who know people, role models, mentors, and contacts of potential employers. See ( Networking).
A faculty, staff or administrator that provides information or support to a student in order to assist in their academic enrichment and to answer any concerns or questions that arise.
Keywords:  counselor, teacher, wise, trusted
A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
A person who shares experience, knowledge and wisdom about a particular subject area.