Definitions for "Memorial Service"
(Panikhida, Parastas) a service commemorating the departed, which consists essentially of the Trisagion, troparia, and a kanon (usually in abridged form), as well as special prayers and litanies; structurally, it resembles the Matins service
A ceremony commemorating the deceased without the remains present
a ceremony held in a place of worship, a funeral chapel or other public place such as a hotel meeting room, golf clubhouse or private dining room
a time for remembrance and mourning, to reflect on those who gave their all, not a time for protests and disrespect based on individual philosophies on war or the military," said Walden
a test of personal faith in the nature of human beings and the nature of deity
a time for words, scripture and music to put death in a faith-perspective
a waypoint towards healing and recovery for many different groups of people
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a celebration of a life