Definitions for "Melancholic"
One affected with a gloomy state of mind.
A gloomy state of mind; melancholy.
Melancholic: being melancholic is connected with a type of chronic sadness. My Beloved Friends, sadness is of the negative ego mind and does not really exist. It stems from attachment rather than preference, lack of transcendence of duality and evenmindedness, lack of understanding, identification with the personality rather than the soul and monad. As I like to say, don't ask someone how life is treating you, ask how you are treating life. In the music industry people talk about playing the blues like the blues is a part of life. Blues is a part of one's separated/fragmented mind, not of life. There is only happiness, joy, bliss, oneness with God, love, and evenmindedness when one interprets life from their Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed/God Mind. There are no ups and downs in life. This is the great illusion of the earthly world, there are only ups and downs in people's minds. The world is just a projection screen for your thinking. When you learn to play God's movie rather than the negative ego's movie, you will graduate after completing your Spiritual mission and will need the world no more except to serve
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Given to melancholy; depressed; melancholy; dejected; unhappy.
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Galenical (Q.V.) State Related To Black Bile (Q.V.).
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someone subject to melancholia