Definitions for "Matched"
Refers to the interest rate arbitrage book that a securities lending/repo trader may run. By matching/mismatching maturities, rates, currencies or borrowing margins, the stock lender/repo trader creates a profit or loss.[ ] NET PAYING SECURITY Securities on which interest or other distributions are paid net with holding taxes.
Refers to the interest rate arbitrage book that a repo trader may run. By matching or mismatching maturities, rates, currencies, or margins, the repo trader generates a P&L.
embossing or engraving - An embossing or engraving nip where the surfaces of the two rollers are perfectly matched, so that wherever the surface of one roller is raised by some distance, the corresponding surface on the other roller is recessed by the same distance. When the rollers are fully engaged, there is complete contact at every point along the nip line. In matched embossing, both rollers are engraved (as in steel-to-steel embossing), and one roller is usually made from the other in a matched steel engraving process using acid etching. In actual embossing practice, absolutely perfect matching is often avoided, in order to improve runnability, by creating a small gap between the rollers in selected areas of the pattern.
When opposing orders in the same contract are brought together to execute a trade on a price/time priority basis. (Opposite unmatched)
going well together; possessing harmonizing qualities
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Lengths Spools of equal weight or footage
As in a matched set of clubs. Clubs designed and made in a graded, numbered series and with consistent specifications and swing-weights.
provided with a worthy adversary or competitor; "matched teams"