Definitions for "Managing Agent"
Someone appointed to look after or manage property on behalf of the owner, whose responsibilities may include collecting rent and arranging for maintenance of the property.
a person or firm that is appointed by the freeholder or the entity that has control of a property to manage that property on their behalf
A person or entity hired to assist the board of directors in enforcing the documents and managing the assets, including funds, of the association.
The agency support mechanism behind syndicates on Lloyd's. Employs the underwriting staff and maintains compliance with Lloyd's rules.
A real estate agent authorised to manage the business affairs in connection with the property of another.
An agreement with the company by which a person, firm or company is entitled to the management of the whole affairs of a company under the control and direction of the directors unless provided for in the agreement, and includes any person, firm or company occupying such position by whatever name called.
a person who exercises substantial independent authority and judgment over decisions that ultimately determine corporate policy