Definitions for "machine-made"
made by a machine. Contrasted with handmade.
A cigar made entirely by machine. Although machine-made cigars are typically less expensive then the handmade variety, this is not necessarily an indication of an inferior quality. Heavier weight binders and wrappers are generally used and cut filler is used in place of long filler in a machine-made cigar. Often homogenized tobacco is used because of the tension caused from the machinery. Some machine made cigars use pipe tobacco.
A term that refers to cigars made entirely by machine, using heavier weight wrappers and binds, and usually short filler in place of long filler.
Rugs woven on power-looms controlled by a computer. The computer controls which colors are woven into the fabric and where. Machine-made rugs can be made quickly, and are offered in materials including heat-set polypropylene, art silk and wool.
These area rugs are made on power loom by hand, machine or computer. The loom is strung with a cotton or jute warp and then woven using nylon, polypropylene, wool or other material. Computer operated machines produce a number of contemporary designs in various sizes and colors from a predetermined design. More than 40 shades can be achieved in a single area rug using a cross-weaving technique. Machine-made area rugs have become very popular due to the variety of sizes, colors, designs, lower-pricing and availability.
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Made by a machine; used in contra-distinction to hand-made.
Paper that is produced on a rapidly moving machine which forms, dries, sizes, and presses the sheet. This process forms an extremely uniform sheet.