Definitions for "Lot Size"
total square footage of the land.
total square footage of property.
The approximate size of the property's lot, displayed in a measuring unit of square feet or acreage.
The quantity of a planned or actual order for purchased or production items, calculated as a result of lot size rules that consider the reason for the order (to order or to stock) and the costs created by the tradeoff in creating and setting up orders vs. carrying inventory for a period of time.
The quantity of goods purchased or produced in anticipation of use or sale in the future.
The amount of a particular item that is ordered from the plant or a supplier or issued as a standard quantity to the production process. Syn: order quantity.
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The number of units in the lot.
The number of service outputs in a lot.
Number of units of a particular product type that are produced before beginning production of another product type.
The dimension of a site consist of the frontage, depth, width, shape, and area