Definitions for "Lorraine"
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Lorraine are a 3-piece band from Bergen in Norway. The members are Ole Gunnar Gundersen (vocals), Anders Winsents (guitar) and Paal Myran Haaland (keyboards, programming). They have no bass guitarist or drummer.
Lorraine was the debut entry for Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest, being performed in the semi-final of the 2005 edition of the Contest by Kaffe. The song was performed 21st in the semi-final (following Croatia's Vukovi Umiru Sami by Boris Novković and preceding Ireland's Love? performed by Donna & Joe). In voting, the song finished in 19th place, with 49 points, which meant that Bulgaria would have to qualify through the semi-final in the next year's Contest.
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Shadow of Avalon where Corwin met Ganelon and got the jeweler's rouge for his second attempt to gain Amber's throne. Contained the fairy ring where the Black Road manifested itself.
The Memphis mistress Jason kept in The Sound and the Fury. She may be the same prostitute depicted in Sanctuary.
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DoubleMeat Palace - S6 - Manager after Manny is killed by demon Wig Lady
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an eastern French region rich in iron-ore deposits