Definitions for "Lolita"
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Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, first written in English and published in 1955 in Paris, later translated by the author into Russian and published in 1967 in New York. The novel is both internationally famous for its innovative style and infamous for its controversial subject: the book's narrator and protagonist Humbert Humbert becoming sexually obsessed with a pre-pubescent twelve-year-old girl named Lolita Haze.
Lolita is a 1962 influential film by Stanley Kubrick based on the classic novel of the same title by Vladimir Nabokov.
Lolita is a 1997 film directed by Adrian Lyne and was the second screen adaptation of the novel by Vladimir Nabokov. The film stars Jeremy Irons as Humbert and Dominique Swain (then fifteen) as Dolores "Lolita" Haze. Supporting roles are Melanie Griffith, playing Charlotte Haze, and Frank Langella as Clare Quilty.
Fashion style that is unique to Japan, and well patent in visual kei band costumes, and which aims to create an image of childlike innocence. The expression "dolled up" takes a whole new meaning when appplied to the japanese lolita style, as some lolitas resemble living dolls in their laced dresses. Click here if you'd like to know more about this fashion movement. [see also gothic lolita and gothic&lolita bible
a young woman who dresses in baby doll clothes
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"Lolita (Trop Jeune Pour Aimer)" is Céline Dion's third single from her Incognito album. It was released in Quebec, Canada in September 1987.
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Lolita, originally known as Tokitae, is an orca at the Miami Seaquarium. She is the oldest captive orca, and at the age of about six years old was captured from the wild on August 8 1970 at Penn Cove, Puget Sound off the coast of Washington. Before capture she was a member of the L-25 pod.
Slang for an underage girl who has sex with older men.
Lolita is a slang term for a seductive, sexually attractive, or sexually precocious young girl.
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(also: lolita-con): Stories involving female characters who are, or look, below the age of consent