Definitions for "Lockpicking"
Picking a lock in Oblivion is now a more tactile experience. When a character attempts to pick a locked door or container, an interface pops up that faces them with their lockpick inserted into a lock and one or more tumblers to attempt to bypass. The ones that your character must bypass are lowered, the others are already raised. The player maneuvers the tip of the lockpick to a position underneath the tumbler he/she wishes to attempt to bypass, then taps the lockpick up and clicks the mouse (or hits whatever button it is mapped to on Xbox 360). If it stays you have successfully bypassed that tumbler, if your character fails, the lockpick they're using breaks and a new one automatically replaces the broken one. The higher your character's Security score is, the easier the Lockpicking mini-game becomes. For those with little desire to engage in this mini-game, there is an “Auto-Attempt” button at the bottom of the interface.