Definitions for "Locked"
XBOX hard drives are encrypted to make it more difficult for people to put in a newer, better, and bigger drive. This process is termed locking which requires an encryption key which can decode the information on the drive. Not all harddrives support locking, so check out this database if you are going to upgrade:
Xbox hard drives, like laptop hard drives, are locked. You must unlock it to use it in another xbox or pc, and it must be locked to be used without a modchip. You can lock a hard drive on any box, but you need the xbox that locked it to unlock a hard drive. unless you have the eeprom
A SecurID token becomes locked when a user makes five (5) unsuccessful attempts in entering his/her SecurID number while logging on to the system.
The survey status obtained when a keyholder has resolved all edits/errors and has decided that data are ready to “submit” to IPEDS. Once locked, the system becomes read only and the keyholder no longer has access to the system to alter data.
Proposal status resulting from the actions of Lock.
firmly fastened or secured against opening; "windows and doors were all fast"; "a locked closet"; "left the house properly secured"
The receiver is locked when it can detect and lock onto the carrier signal transmitted by the buoy.
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(slang) restricted to or away from ["Locked in dummy" means unable to get the lead out of dummy; "locked out of dummy" means unable to get the lead to dummy.].
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A goal is “locked” when the wheel on the center pole is located in a valley on the position locator fixed to the goal frame.
A state of a pump. We refer to a pump that is idle and available to perform a delivery, but not authorised as 'Locked'. See also Calling
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Final radar lock-on; sort is not assumed