Definitions for "Lining paper"
Paper used as covering such as box lining. Usually non-fading, opaque, machine-finished paper.
A plain, thin wall covering designed to provide a smooth surface for wallpaper or paint.
Blank wallpaper stock that can be applied to provide a smooth surface and minimize the possibility of mildew and staining. It is hung horizontally (sometimes called railroaded) to ensure that its seams and the wallpaper's seam do not fall on the same vertical line; should be left to dry on the wall for at least 36 hours before wallpaper is hung; super-heavyweight strippable lining paper can be used directly over properly primed and prepared paneling, tile and cement block. Sometimes referred to as blankstock, some lining papers require priming over its surface before painting or wallpapering over them, some liners are now pre-pasted and do not require priming the surface.