Definitions for "lindy"
an energetic American dance that was popular in the 1930s (probably named for the aviator Charles Lindbergh).
Line dance move (tho you'll see some differences of oppinion this is widely accepted) 8-count series pf side shuffles and rock steps EXAMPLE: 1&2 Side step right & step left beside right, side step right 3-4 Rock step left slightly behind right, recover weight to right 5&6 Side step left & step right beside left, side step left 7-8 Rock step right slightly behind left, recover weight to left LINDY CHARLESTON: Couples swing move: COUNT MAN LADY Rock back with LF Rock back with RF Change weight forward on RF Change weight forward on LF Kick forward with LF Kick forward with RF Land LF forward Land RF forward Kick forward with RF Kick forward with LF Swing RF back without landing Swing LF back without landing Kick back with RF Kick back with LF Bring RF to LF, landing Bring LF to RF, landing
A dance done to jazz or swing music. There are three Lindy steps: single, double, and triple.