Definitions for "LIFE TENANT"
Person with an interest in property for their life only e.g. income from investments. At death the interest ceases and cannot be passed on by the life tenant's will.
A person who has a life estate in real property.
A person entitled to the use of real estate or the income from that real estate for the duration of his or her life. The ownership rights go to the remainderman on the death of the life tenant.
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One who holds land for the length of his or another's life.
One who holds an interest in land; interest limited to the length of his life or the life of another.
A person who holds a life interest in settled property.
A person who enjoys rights of occupation of property for life.
One who is allowed to use property for life or the lifetime of another designated person..
One who possesses a life-use right to property, frequently used in connection with a split-interest agreement.