Definitions for "Libero "
definition: This is a bit of an antiquated position in modern football, but the libero is still often referred to in German football. The libero is the sweeper – and no one embodies the forward thinking sweeper more than Franz Beckenbauer.
a back row player and is subject to the same restrictions with respect to attacks as any other back row player
a designated back-row player who cannot serve, attack or set inside the attack line, but can be substituted for anyone in the back row at any time
Keywords:  imatix, cobol, awk, apps, valuable
Libero is a valuable tool for building programs in any language, widely used by iMatix for all their apps. Generates C, C++, Java, VB, Unix shells, Perl, Awk, PL/SQL, PHP, COBOL, assembler, and so on. Uses a template-based code generator that can be modified for any environment. Portable, fast, and free.