Definitions for "Leslie"
Leslie is a station on the Sheppard line of the subway system in Toronto, Canada. It is located at 1209 Sheppard Avenue East at Old Leslie Street. It was opened in 2002.
Leslie, or Leslie Street is a Vivastation on York Region's Viva bus rapid transit system, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It opened on September 4, 2005, on the intersection of Leslie Street and Highway 7 in Markham/Richmond Hill, Ontario. It is on the Viva Purple line, and the Viva Pink line.
Leslie, also known as Leslie Jones, is an American stand-up comedienne and actress. She has appeared on HBO's Def Comedy Jam, BET's ComicView, and It's Showtime at the Apollo. She has appeared in the television series "Girlfriends" and "Malcolm and Eddie" and the major motion pictures "National Security" and "Gangsta Rap."
Leslie (born Leslie Bourgouin) is a French R&B singer of Vietnamese and Polynesian decent, born on February 4 1985 in Le Mans, France.
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a mentally disturbed woman with a split personality who lives in an isolated house
A speaker cabinet designed by Don Leslie, who also invented less useful things like 3D movies and missile guidance systems. A Leslie speaker system splits the sound into low and high frequencies, sending the low frequencies to a woofer speaker and the high ones to a tweeter speaker. Each speaker points at a horn to direct the sound, and the horns are connected to a motors that make them rotate. The sound gets thrown around in circles, giving a tremolo effect because of the Doppler effect. The Leslie effect is very difficult to duplicate on a synthesizer as a Leslie is actually a physical system that depends on the cabinet's shape and the room in which it is placed - you would need to be physically present in a room with an actual Leslie speaker to experience the full effect.
A loudspeaker cabinet with rotating drive units. Commonly used with organs.
a small, friendly community located just south of our State's Capitol
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a pleasure to do business with