Definitions for "Leela"
Keywords:  divine, sport, majnun, leila, lila
The activities of God in one of His human forms. What we see as specifically God's action.
The "Divine Sport" of Creation. The "game" which God plays, which manifests the universe. -Vedanta. (1a)(N2) -Sanskrit. (Du) Literally, sport. (N4) Literally, playful activities...(N5) a general sense, playful activities. (N6)(Quite possibly, see also Leila and Majnun. Word derivation questioned. -Ed.)
miracle; divine sport.
Turanga Leela (referred to as simply Leela) is the primary female character in the animated television series Futurama. She is voiced by Katey Sagal. On the show, Leela is a cyclops who captains the Planet Express ship.
Leela is a fictional character played by Louise Jameson in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. She was a warrior of the savage Sevateem tribe, who were the descendants of the crew of an Earth ship that crash landed on an unnamed planet somewhere in the far future. The name of her tribe, "Sevateem", was a corruption of "survey team".