Definitions for "KUSH"
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A Plant worshipped by Hindus
The ancient Egyptian name for the Nile Valley South of the ancient boundary at Aswan. RETURN TO GLOSSARY INDEX
Also known as Upper Nubia; including in modern geographical terms northern Sudan and the southern border of Egypt. At various points in their history the ancient Egyptians controlled this area and relied heavily upon it as a source of gold. During the twenty-fifth Dynasty, rulers from Kush took over the throne of Egypt.
Keywords:  sternally, llama, alpaca, bent, lying
The term for the act of a llama laying down sternally or the actual position a llama is in when it is laying down. It may also be used as a command to get a llama to attain this position.
A resting position in which an alpaca is lying down with its legs bent under its body.