Definitions for "Knock down"
To strike down; to fell; to prostrate by a blow or by blows; as, to knock down an assailant.
To assign to a bidder at an auction, by a blow or knock of the auctioneer's hammer; to sell at an auction; as, the vase was knocked down at two thousand dollars.
To take apart; to dissassemble; as, to knock down a rifle for cleaning.
Phase of fire extinguishment where the fire is reduced to a semi-extinguished state, inhibiting its spread.
To reduce the flame or heat on the more vigorously burning parts of a fire edge.
To reduce flame and heat so as to prevent danger of further extension of fire; to bring afire to the overhaul state.
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verb, "abbattere, demolire"
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To cause any part of an obstacle to fall.
To hit a fence, gate, or any other obstacle, causing it to fall.
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A bread baking term describing the process to release the carbon dioxide gas, that has formed from a bread dough that has risen fully. Make a fist and push it into the center of the dough. Pull the edges of the dough to the center and turn the dough over in the mixing bowl. Cover the bowl and let it rise again before starting the shaping of the dough loaf. (see mold) Back to the Top-L-L-L
Furniture sold unassembled or partially assembled.
KD. Exhibit or display components requiring on-site assembly.
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To earn (an income).