Definitions for "Kilowatts"
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Air conditioners are rated by their cooling or heating capacities in watts or kilowatts (1000 watts). This, the rate of heat transfer, is not to be confused with the energy input to the air conditioner (1 watt = 3.412 BTU/hr.). A bedroom of 15m² (160sq.ft.) would require an air conditioner with a cooling /heating capacity around 1650 watts (5600 BTU/hr.). Living Room An average living area 25m² (270sq.ft.) would need an air conditioner with a cooling and heating capacity around 3500 watts (12,150 BTU/hr.). As an approximate guide for sizing a room unit allow:· 125watts (0.125kW) per square metre of floor area to be cooled in living areas; · 80 watts (0.080kW) per square metre of floor area in bedrooms.
A unit of electrical power equal to one thousand watts.
the power rating of the system. One kilowatt is one thousand watts.
A unit of measurement for demand.
A metric unit used to measure power - in this case, the rate at which a car's engine turns the energy stored in fossil fuels into movement. Usually, the more kilowatts an engine produces, the faster a car will accelerate. One kilowatt is equivalent to 1.341 brake horsepower, although many people like to use the latter measurement because it is a bigger number, sounds tougher and less clinical.