Definitions for "keratin"
Keywords:  nail, hooves, horn, fibrous, tough
A sulfur-containing fibrous protein constituting the main structural protein of hard epidermal tissues, such as horn, hair, feathers, nails, claws, hoofs, and the like. It is an insoluble substance, and, unlike elastin, is not dissolved even by gastric or pancreatic juice. By decomposition with sulphuric acid it yields leucine and tyrosine plus various other acid-stable amino acids. The amino acid composition varies, but it usually has a high percentage of cystine, which stabilizes and insolubilizes the protein by forming intrachain linkages. A softer form of keratin is present in the epidermis and whalebone. Called also epidermose.
protein substance that is the chief component of wool fiber. See Also: fiber. protein. wool.
Protein that is found in the hair, nails, and skin
Chemical substance of which animal fibre is composed.
A waxy substance produced by cells lining the teat canal that serves as a plug between milkings and aids in reducing penetration by microorganisms.
A surface protective agent with film-forming and moisturizing action.