Definitions for "Kate"
Keywords:  suikoden, lazlo, kooluk, mizuki, kuldes
Kate is a ninja in Konami's role playing game Suikoden IV. She is an associate of Mizuki that was betrayed by Kooluk and later recruited by Mizuki into Lazlo En Kuldes' army of the Island Nations.
Keywords:  brambling, finch
The brambling finch.
Keywords:  nakajima, torpedo, bomber
Nakajima torpedo-bomber
Keywords:  inyasa, hatha, yoga, emphasis, teacher
a registered yoga teacher with emphasis on beginning and v inyasa style Hatha yoga
a Psychology and Literature graduate from Derby University
Keywords:  esa, surfs, coast, eastern, east
a member of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA), and surfs competitively up and down the east coast
Keywords:  kde, editor, acronym, advanced, stands
In computing, Kate is a text editor for KDE. The acronym "Kate" stands for "KDE advanced text editor".
Keywords:  english, girl
an English girl