Definitions for "JUDO "
Keywords:  kano, jigoro, jujitsu, martial, jitsu
a sport adapted from jujitsu, originally a method of self-defense without weapons, and similar to wrestling; it was developed in Japan.
Modern martial art system established by Jigoro Kano (1860-1938).
an olympic sport of throwing and mat work, lit. gentle way
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JUDO is a Java IDE for children and beginning programmers. It is very easy to use and has a very simple interface. It was designed to be used as a teaching aid for teaching programming classes to children. The programs you create with JUDO can be graphical, text input/output, or both. All you need to do to write a JUDO program is write a simple void main function.
JUDO is a Java IDE for children and beginning programmers. JUDO is designed to be an educational tool to teach programming concepts and to spark excitement and interest in programming.
Bending before a superior force to maintain self-control, then counterattacking with prepared reserves to achieve control over the force, like with a Judo wrestler..
jUDO handles coding against a database Independent of database .The code is generated "runtime" , just give the method names and jUDO derives the code/sql.