Definitions for "JSA"
Joint Supplier Agreement. Indicative of Stage 3 Sourcing Practices, the JSA includes terms and conditions, objective, process flows, performance targets, flexibility, balancing, and incentives.
See Joint Supplier Agreement.
Joint service agreement. a document used in conjunction with a contract to define the processes, performance targets and expectations of both an OEM and a contract manufacturer. The joint service agreement should be specific in terms of how the work will be done and evaluated. It should be supplemented by a management control system that requires a regular review of performance against the JSA expectations. This approach helps minimize the misunderstandings that often develop in outsourcing relationships. Also see "manufacturing and supply agreement."
The Japanese Shipowners' Association.
Jardine Sports Association
Japanese Governmental Team on the Safeguarding of Angkor
Administered Account for Selected Fund Activities-Japan
Jack Schroeder and Associates administers WREA’s long term care member benefit
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Jobseeker’s Allowance
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Job Seeker's Allowance
Job Safety Analyses.
Job Service Assistant/Analyst
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Justice Society of America.